Terms & Conditions



The purpose of this policy is to outline the terms and conditions for payment of class fees and other expenses associated with any services delivered or facilitated by 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated (12×12). This includes, but is not limited to, all gymnastics classes (both during the term and during the school holidays), any expenses associated with internal and/or external gymnastics competitions, apparel and training equipment.

This policy applies to all current and future members of 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina incorporated who are enrolled in or participate in gymnastics activities. This policy also applies to any family members, or other person(s) responsible for payments relating to the member’s gymnastics activities.


All members of 12×12 are required to sign and agree to our Clubs Policies and Procedures at the time of enrolment. This process will occur at the time of the registration. By ticking the boxes provided you are agreeing to 12×12’s Fee, Payment and Refund Policy.

Invoicing, Fee Structure, Other Charges

All members are to register online.

Invoices can be issued at the start of each term and payment MUST be made by invoice date.

Payments can be made on the day via EFTPOS.

Members will not be able to step onto the Gymnastics Floor unless payments have been made.

Kinder Gym and Recreational class fees are calculated based on an hourly rate and the number of weeks in the term (excluding public holidays). The higher the number of hours that a gymnast trains the lower the hourly rate.

Competitive Gymnasts are invoiced an hourly rate based on the number of hours trained each week. The hourly rate reduces as the number of hours trained increases. This considers the high number of hours that squads are expected to train.

All other charges such as uniform purchases, competition entries, private lessons, holiday training, holiday programs and birthday parties are required on receipt of invoice or as arranged with the Club Manager.

All processing fees for the online payments will be absorbed by 12×12. There will be no extra charges to our members

All families are charged our Club membership which is included in the rego fee which is charged yearly.

At the beginning of each calendar year all members are charged the Gymnastics New South Wales Registration Fee. This charge includes Personal Injury Insurance Cover as well as membership benefits and special discounts from Gymnastics New South Wales.

If joining during the term, Class Fees and Club membership are charged on a pro rata basis. The Gymnastics NSW registration fee is charged in full for Terms 1 and 2 but then discounted for Term 3 and Term 4.

Class Drops

If a member decides to stop attending their class or classes all together, they will need to inform 12×12 via email only. No verbal communication from parents especially athletes will be accepted.

Refund Guidelines

Refunds and/or credits may be granted in some of the following situations:

  • If a member has missed a class due to an injury or illness, a copy of the Medical Certificate must be provided covering the dates missed to 12×12 administration. Only then will those classes be prorated or refunded depending on circumstances.
  • Make up classes will only be provided to our Kinder Program.
  • Club membership fees are not refundable.
  • We do not give a refunds or credits for missed classes due to holidays or other events. Your fees secure the position in the class.
  • 12×12 offer a 3 week cooling off period if for whatever reason you feel 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Inc. is not right for you, this refund excludes our Club membership.

Refunds and Other Types of Charges

In house competition entry costs, holiday programs, holiday training, birthday parties are non-refundable except in the case of injury or illness.

In this case a refund will be considered upon receipt of a valid medical certificate dated on the event date.

External competitions entry costs – a partial refund may be considered by the hosting venue if the entrant is ill or injured but only if a valid medical certificate can be provided. Withdrawing from competitions may also incur an administration charge by 12×12 where the entrant is not ill or injured but is withdrawing due to any other reasons other than injury or illness.

This Policy was implemented / reviewed by the Committee of Management of 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated.

Date: April 2019

Review Date: April 2020