Incident and Injury Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedure to handle and document an incident at 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated. 

This policy applies to all classes and events held at 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina.



An Incident can be classed as: – Injury / First Aid – Bullying / Harassment – Power Outage 

Injury / First Aid 

If an injury or a cause for First Aid occurs in 12×12, the following steps are to be taken: 

Sometimes an injury may not require first aid, but for all incidents an Injury Report Form must be completed – see below. 

First Aid 

If first aid is required, administer as per your training.  If you need assistance with the first aid or class, seek immediate assistance. 


Sometimes an incident may occur in the gym that does not require first aid.  This could include, but not limited to:

  • Simply not feeling well so sitting down during class 
  • A fall or slip that does not require first aid, but does require rest

Injury Report Form 

Injury Report Forms are stored in a folder that is kept in the kitchen. 

Steps to be taken: 

  • After an incident the most important priority is the persons welfare. 
  • Once the person is stable, complete the incident report form with as much detail as possible 

With the parent / guardian – As soon as possible or at the completion of class discuss the incident with the parent  

  • Discuss the completed Incident report form 
  • Ask the parent / guardian to sign the incident report form 
  • If able, take a copy of the incident report form and leave one copy for Administration to file and give the other the parent / guardian.  If the office is locked, then leave a note for Administration to copy the incident report form and send a copy to the parent at the earliest opportunity. 

Bullying / Harassment

NG & SC does not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment and any member found in breach of their relevant Code of Conduct (Gymnast or Parent / Guardian / Spectator) will receive a written warning. Severe or multiple breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in cancellation of membership.

Bullying and Harassment can take many forms: 

  • Physical
    • Pushing, hitting, grabbing, inappropriate touching 
  • Verbal 
    • Swearing, derogatory comments, insults, sexual innuendo

 Immediate Action

 When a case of bullying or harassment is noticed, the immediate steps are: 

  • Split the two parties 
  • If a clear instigator is seen they must be told to return to the seating area and sit out of the rest of the class Consider any first aid that may be required 
  • Contact the parent asking them to return to the facility immediately to discuss the incident and then remove the child for that session 

Follow Up Action 

In all cases when an incident of Bullying or harassment occurs an incident report form is to be completed BUT not passed onto the parties involved. Make additional notes as required. 

If you feel confident of what you have seen and the ensuing discussion, at the end of class notify the parents involved that there was an incident and it will be discussed with Club Management for Action. 

The person who witnessed the incident will then discuss it with the Club Manager and / or Program Coordinator as soon as possible, which may be the next day. The Club Manager / Program Coordinator (CM / PC) will then discuss and escalate to the Executive Committee if they feel is required. 

If the CM / PC feel a written warning is relevant, then they can send a letter to the parties involved noting that there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct with relevant details and noting that another such breach may result in loss of club membership. 

If the CM / PC feel the incident is of a greater magnitude then it can be brought to the Executive Committee for discussion, which can then result in Immediate loss of Club Membership. 

Power Outage

12×12 has a separate policy covering a Power Outage. 



If a Club based event: 

  • An automated SMS alert will be sent to all members and coaches and any other visitors due that day. 
  • A message will be uploaded to our website. 
  • A sign will be posted outside of the Club. 

     If an individual event 

  • A Club member or staff will contact the appropriate people as required Requirements & Responsibilities 

 Members & Parents 

  • Provide correct and up to date contact details to our office staff including a mobile phone (preferred), email and home phone


Take control of the situation as required 

  • Seek assistance from other coaches to either 
    • Supervise your class 
    • Assist with the incident 
  • Either contact the parent yourself or ask another coach or staff member to assist

Administration Team 

  • Implement any Actions required from other policies 
  • File all documentation as required 
  • Follow up as required 
  • Ensure gymnast data is current and accessible 


Breaches of this policy must be reported to the Club’s Management within 14 days of any occurrence. 

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with according to the Club’s grievance procedure, and treated in a timely, serious and confidential manner. 

Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who:

  1. Is found to be in breach of this policy; 
  2. Victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of a breach of this policy; 
  3. Is found to have made a frivolous or vexatious complaint. 

Any action taken will depend on the severity of the case, and may include an apology, counselling, suspension, dismissal or other form of action. 

Breaches of this policy must be kept confidential and disclosure to any third party beyond the club’s management is not permitted unless required by law. 


Anticipated outcomes of the club’s Incident Policy are as follows: 

  • Increased awareness of how handle and document an incident at 12×12 

This Policy was implemented / reviewed by the Committee of Management of 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated

Date: January 2019 

Review Date: January 2020

Reviewed 2019 – Approved by: