Heat Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the conditions under which classes will be cancelled as a result of extreme heat as well as explaining the safety measures we take to ensure we reduce the risk of injury or illness when training in hot weather. 

This policy applies to all classes and events held at 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated. 

Conditions & Procedure for Cancellation  


Extreme Heat = Weather forecast over 35°C 

BOM = Bureau of Meteorology 

Weather zone – Local Live forecast 

ACTION – over 30°C

  • If a day is forecast to be over 30°C, fans and coolers will be turned on during the morning sessions in the aim of keeping the gym as cool as possible. 

ACTION – Extreme Heat – over 35°C

  • If a day is forecast to be over 35°C, fans and coolers will be turned on during the morning sessions in the aim of keeping the gym as cool as possible. 
  • The internal temperature will be measured using a digital device at 1.00pm by a staff member.  
  • The live radar on BOM and Weather zone will be checked to see o 
    • Local forecast maximum temperature 
    • If any cool change is imminent; this could provide cooler relief in the gym.  

Action will be: 

  • If the internal temperature in the gym is 35°C or over at 1:00pm, and no cool change forecast, all classes will be cancelled 
    • If a cool change is forecast, the temperature will be rechecked at 2:00pm. 
  • If the internal temperature in the gym is 34.9°C or under at 1:00pm, the temperature will be rechecked at 2:00pm 
    • If at 2:00pm the internal temperature is 34.9°C or under, classes will run 
    • If the internal temperature in the gym is 35°C or over at 2:00pm, and no cool change forecast, all classes will be cancelled 
  • A committee member will be called to give approval to cancel classes for that day. 


  • An automated SMS alert will be sent to all members and coaches and any other visitors due that day, cancelling classes. 
  • A message will be uploaded to our website cancelling classes. 
  • A sign will be posted outside of the Club. 


The cost of the class will be reimbursed one of two ways 

Tumble Tots, Rec, ACRO Development 

If a class has to be cancelled then a credit will be raised.  If you have paid your fees, the credit can be applied to any other terms changes or rolled over to the following term.  Make up classes may be considered, if there is availability of the following – gym space, coach and gymnast. 

MAG / WAG Squads, Gymstar, ACRO Senior, RG 

These classes have two choices:

  • Our first priority will be to reschedule the class at a convenient time for all concerned 
  • If this is not possible for anyone in the class, then a credit will be raised as stated above 

Training and Heat Stress 

Due to gymnastics being an indoor sport there can sometimes be an increased risk of heat illness from any form of exercise, being warm up, stretching, skill work or routines.  Effects of heat can range from cramps, through to heat exhaustion to heat stroke, and in the worst case, coma & death.   

During vigorous exercise gymnasts may produce heat 15 to 20 times higher than when at rest.  Dissipation of this excess heat is primarily achieved through sweating. If the body’s ability to dissipate heat is compromised, core temperature in an average size individual may rise by one degree Celsius for every five minutes of exercise if no temperature regulating mechanisms are activated.   

If an individual’s core temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius (normal 37 degrees) the risk of heat injury is significant. Factors which impair the body’s ability to dissipate heat are: 

  1. High ambient temperature; 
  2. Solar radiation; 
  3. Humidity (which compromises the efficacy of sweating); 
  4. Dehydration.

The club recognises that sports heat stress is complex, and because individual responses to heat stress vary, it is not possible to provide overall recommendations about limiting conditions to cover all disciplines of Gymnastics.  Since heat stress varies with exercise intensity, potential for heat illness vary with the training program of that day. 

Symptoms of heat stress: 

  1. Fatigue
  2. Nausea 
  3. Headache
  4. Confusion
  5. Light-headedness
  6. Hot and dry skin 

Those showing such symptoms should immediately stop training, drink more fluids and cool down.  

Medical treatment should be sought for those who do not improve quickly.

Please note: Gymnasts with heat injury might not be aware that they are suffering from dehydration or heat stress 

Policy Compliance  

12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated will prevent heat illness by adhering to the following guidelines:   


All gymnastics sessions will be cancelled when the internal temperature exceeds or is likely to exceed 35 degrees Celsius. 


The more participants sweat, the more fluid they must consume to avoid dehydration. High levels of dehydration may increase the risk of heat stress. To diminish the risk of heat stress fluid should be consumed before, during and after activity. This should be heavily encouraged and monitored by coaches.  

Participant rest 

In conditions of high risk participants will be provided opportunities to rest.  

For internal temperatures greater than 26°C and less than 30°C, all participants will be rested for at least 10% of the period they would normally participate.  

For situations where the internal temperature is greater than 31°C and less than  34.9°C, all gymnasts will be rested for at least 25% of the period in which they would normally participate.  

The positive effects of rest breaks should also be maximised by employing the following strategies:  

  • Fans and Air Conditioning to be switched on early in the day to keep the temp as low as possible; and  
  • Providing additional fluids to drink and to allow participants to spray or douse themselves to assist with cooling. 

 Exceptions to Cancellation Policy 

Competitive gymnasts (where the majority of the class is 13 years or over) may train if cancellation of the session would be detrimental to their training regime. This will be decided by the Senior Coaches of each Competitive discipline after consultation of the parents.  

During such training it is advisable to reduce workload and monitor for signs of heat stress.  Regular drink breaks should be taken and coaches should be alert for any signs of heat stress.  The length of such training sessions maybe reduced. 

 Requirements & Responsibilities 

Members & Parents 

  • Provide correct and up to date contact details to our office staff primarily a mobile phone number, and the home phone, email. 
  • Discuss with your gymnast the signs and effects of heat stress as detailed in this policy; 
  • Notify coaches of any reasons why your gymnasts might be more prone to heat stress than normal –  For example –  recent illness, tiredness etc.; 
  • Ensure your gymnast brings a full water bottle to class.   


  • Be aware of signs and symptoms of heat stress, and be aware that someone suffering heat stress might not be aware of it; 
  • If training is to go ahead on hot days, ensure any sessions run are in the best interest of the gymnasts; 
  • Do not push gymnasts to give 100% on days where the temperature in the gym is over 30°C; · Ensure sufficient drink breaks – at least every 15 minutes if the temperature is above 30°C Celsius 
  • Ensure any training is safe given the conditions; 
  • Be aware that heat tolerance varies drastically from individual to individual; · Show understanding to any gymnast who cannot tolerate the heat 
  • Ensure all gymnasts have a drink upon your request 

Program Coordinator/ClubManager

  • Monitor the temperature in the gym before and during classes on hot days 
  • At 1:00pm or 2:00pm decide, in conjunction with a member of the committee, if training is to go ahead; (The safety of the gymnasts should always be the prime concern in such a decision) 
  • Notify coaches and assistant coaches of the cancellation; 
  • Put notice on Home page of Website regarding cancelled classes and notify parents of the cancellation by SMS or phone call if needed; 
  • Post a notice on the gym doors stating that training is cancelled due to extreme heat conditions and’ NG&SC are enacting the Heat Policy’; and 
  • In conjunction with the Office Staff organise reimbursement for all classes cancelled on the day.  


Breaches of this policy must be reported to the Club’s Management within 14 days of any occurrence.  

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with according to the Club’s grievance procedure, and treated in a timely, serious and confidential manner. 

Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who: 

  • Is found to be in breach of this policy; 
  • Victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of a breach of this policy; 
  • Is found to have made a frivolous or vexatious complaint. 

Any action taken will depend on the severity of the case, and may include an apology, counselling, suspension, dismissal or other form of action. 

Breaches of this policy must be kept confidential and disclosure to any third party beyond the clubs management is not permitted unless required by law.

Policy Outcomes  

Anticipated outcomes of the club’s Heat Policy are as follows:  

  • Increased awareness of Heat Illness and its dangers;  
  • Healthy members; & Education of members regarding safe participation in hot conditions.  

This Policy was implemented / reviewed by the Committee of Management of 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Incorporated

Date: January 2019 

Review Date: January 2020

Reviewed 2019 – Approved by: