About Us


The Committee of Management

The committee is elected by members who attend the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The committee oversees the Club’s Business and financial strategies to the Club’s Constitution and employs staff to carry out the day to day operations of the organisation. The committee meet monthly to discuss all operational, programming, equipment issues and actions as well as planning the social, funderaising and other events for each term. 

Club Manager

Our Club Manager manages all the operations at 12×12. This role ensures that practices by staff and members are carried out according to the club’s Policies and Procedures and that all departments run smoothly and efficiently. You can contact the Club Manager for all queries, accounts, club memberships, program information and feedback. This role is the link between the Club’s activities and the Committee of Management, providing them with a monthly overview of day to day operations, coaching or member issues, financial requirements and issues, marketing and communications updates and news.

Email: info@12x12ballina.com.au

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator manages and facilitates all 12×12 Gymnastics programs and internal events ensuring a high standard of coaching and programming. The Coordinator assists the coaches with their training and accreditation, organising coaching courses and coaching workshops, promoting continual development and knowledge in gymnastics. This role provides our members with information regarding class timetables, events, updates on gymnasts’ progress, uniform requirements and competition scheduling.


Our coaches hold Intermediate, Advanced or Advanced Silver Accreditation achieved through the Gymnastics Australia’s Education Framework. We also have a Traineeship Program where we encourage our senior gymnasts to become trainee coaches. Once our trainees have reached the age of 15, have accrued trainee hours, we can assist them to gain accreditation. Our philosophy is to nurture our young people from gymnast to coach from within the club. This ensures a consistent and positive club culture which promotes growth and achievement of our young people who believe in our Mission Statement.

Working with Children Certificate

All staff, committee members and volunteers are required to hold a valid WWC Certificate which is in compliance with Gymnastics Australia’s Child mandate.


Fundraising is an important part of our operations. We aim to hold a fundraising event each term and one major fundraising event per year to raise funds to facilitate equipment purchases and club development. If you would like to become involved with our sub-committee or have any ideas you would like to share please email info@12x12ballina.com.au.


Kinder Gym is an enjoyable class designed for 0 to 5 year old children. One of the great things about our Kinder Gym program is that parents or carers can share in their child’s wonderful adventures. Adults are encouraged to accompany their child throughout each lesson to support their learning and have fun together. 

The Kinder Gym program will be guided by an Accredited Leader to ensure the equipment set-ups are safe, stimulating and provide endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn. Kinder Gym will assist your child in development and co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem. The class will start with a fun warm up game and a gentle stretch. Your kinder Gym leader will then demonstrate and explain the circuit that has been set up for your class, then finish up with trampoline and stickers.


Recreation Gymnastics is a program designed for beginners. Classes involve a variety of fun and challenging activities on every apparatus, that develop a wide range of physical attributes including strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination focusing on both fine and gross motor skills throughout.


Tumbling is another class we offer focusing solely on tumbling alone, whether its to accomplish a tumbling sequence for a personal goal or for a dance routine. Our tumbling classes focus on students achievements and goals and include many drills and skills to assist in developing big tumbling sequences and tricks alone. 


Photography and Filming

It is strictly prohibited to take photos and video of children in the gym without permission from the parent and the club. Pre-arranged photos can be organised – conditions apply.

Please see our Photography and Filming Policy.

Leaving Coaches to Coach

Our coaches are highly skilled and accredited, having spent many hours, weeks, months and years gaining their accreditations. They also spend additional time each year updating their knowledge by attending workshops and other educational events. They are required to meet educational standards set by Gymnastics Australia by progressing their skills and knowledge base each year for membership. As such, they are well prepared and qualified professionals and appreciate being left to do their job without interference.

If you have any concerns regarding a coach’s training methods or behaviour please discuss this with the Program Coordinator or Club Manager.

Members Contact or Other details

Please notify the office of any updated email, address or telephone contact details as well as medical or disability information which may be significant to training and the club. All potentially serious medical conditions require an action plan. Please supply us with a copy of the Medical Action Plan, so that we are prepared for any emergency.

Illness, Injury and Special Circumstances

Gymnasts may be required to produce a medical certificate confirming their fitness for classes or their general health status prior to being permitted to participate. Please do not bring sick children or siblings to the gym. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who show signs of illness. Any person attending class that have a pre-existing injury or special needs please notify the Program Coordinator or Coach prior to class time.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to commencing class. This will ensure that your child will be ready when warm up commences. Warming up is an essential part of the class and children running late may be refused entry, due to the safety and risk of injury. Please call to inform us if you are running late.

Dropping Off and Picking Up of Gymnast

Parents are requested to come into the gym to drop off and pick up their children. Please remind your children to wait inside and please be on time to pick them up. If you are going to be running late for pick up or drop off, please contact us and advise of your expected arrival time. A fee may apply if your child is left in the our care outside of their class time. If you arrange for someone else to pickup your child, please notify the office. If there is a specific person/s not permitted to pick up your child, please notify the office via email. Please ensure you park in the designated places and adhere to the 5km/h speed limit.


We will communicate with you via various means such as:

  • Email 
    • Invoicing and queries
    • SMS/Facebook Alerts 
    • Notifying cancellation of class
  • Safety issues that concern the club
    • Events
    • Updates
  • Newsletter

So it is essential we have up to date contact details.

Administrative and Payment related issues

In the first instance, such issues should be directed to the Club Manager. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction then you may contact the President or Secretary of the Committee of Management. Contact details are available at reception.

Coach Related Issues

In the first instance, such issues should be directed to the Club Manager. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction then you may contact the President or Secretary of the Committee of Management. No complaint or request will be considered unless the correct grievance procedure is followed.

12×12 Club Member Protection Policy

12×12 have an independent Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) available for providing information about members’ rights, responsibilities and options when making a complaint or raising concern. There is a policy in place to ensure that members are provided with a safe and respectful sporting environment, free from harassment and abuse.

This is an essential part of our organisation’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling any inappropriate behaviour. The Management of the organisation is committed to ensuring that everyone associated with 12×12 complies with this policy at all times. The full policy can be found at reception.

Member Protection Office – 

(contact details will be provided by the club upon request)


12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Inc. is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children are maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Inc. and its member bodies. Every person and organisation bound by this Policy must always place the safety and welfare of children above all other considerations. 

12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Inc. acknowledges that our staff (paid or unpaid) provide a valuable contribution to the positive experience of our juniors. Accordingly, any person involved in the instruction, management or coaching of any member under the age of 18 years may be asked to undergo screening procedures including police and other probity checks.

Please see Gymnastics NSW Child Safety and Child Friendly Policy for more details.


Upon joining 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina you will receive:

  • A copy of the Club Handbook which contains comprehensive information of our programs and Club Guidelines, giving brief summaries of our Club’s policies;
  • Our Club’s Code of Conduct – for Gymnasts to read, sign and return;
  • Our Photography and Filming Permission form – to read, sign and return;
  • Our Medical or Pre-existing Injury form – to read sign and return;
  • Membership Sign-on and Registration form – to read, sign and return.

Our Club membership fees include:

  • Gymnastics NSW Registration (which provides Insurance coverage)
  • Club Levy

The casual class fees are non-refundable, the Gymnastics Australia registration is transferable between club but not from one gymnast to another. It is valid from the date of payment until the 31st December of the same calendar year. 

12X12 Gymnastics allow a three week cooling off period for the Gymnast registrations with a refund available if the participant does not enjoy their sessions within these time frames for any reasons. A refund will be made less our levy/registration fee of $5. All questions regarding fee amounts should be directed to the office email info@12x12ballina.com.au.

For each new term, we base our invoicing on the understanding that our gymnasts will return. This process is designed to ensure your position is secure and that rolls and fees are prepared on that basis. If you are not returning, we would appreciate an email  or call to let us know as well as providing some feedback for your decision.


Invoicing, Fee Structure, Other Charges

  • Registration and Club Levy are to be paid upfront before participant attends any class.
  • All class fees are to be paid online, via eftpos or by cash
  • Class fees are to be paid prior to class commencing.

Late or Failure to pay

Extra administration fees may apply if payments are late or if there is a failure to pay fees and 12×12 Gymnastics may refuse entry and participation in classes until fees are paid up in full or a payment plan has been discussed and put in place. 

Refund Guidelines

Refunds will only be permitted for those within the three-week cooling off registration process. Refunds for registration MUST be claimed within the three week cooling off period (first three weeks of participation) a refund will NOT be offered after this period.  

Active kids vouchers are NOT refundable so please apply these vouchers accordingly.

Terminating Your Membership

If you decide to discontinue your child’s membership with 12×12 Gymnastics Ballina Inc., please advise us via email – info@12x12ballina.com.au


On occasions, your child’s regular coach may be unavailable to take their class. Whilst we do our best to remain consistent, we reserve the right to change coaching staff from time to time. Usually we follow up planned long absences with a note to the class.


If you need to ask a question, give or gain feedback about your child’s participation in our program, it is important that your do so at the appropriate time, and with respect for the rules of the Club. For small, quick matters you may talk to coaches immediately before or after class. Please ask reception before doing so. Once class has commenced, all coaches are required to supervise their gymnasts and are no longer available to speak to parents.

We strongly encourage parents to call the club to arrange an appointment with the Program Coordinator. This way, careful thought and consideration can be given to the topic to be discussed and the discussion can be held without interruptions and without compromising the privacy of any party. Many of our coaches work long hours that see them finish late in the evening throughout the week, so we ask that parents be considerate of this fact and do not try to have long discussions with coaches after class. We suggest that you make an appointment with the coach for a more suitable time.

Feedback, questions or concerned parents are encouraged to give constructive feedback via email to: 




12×12 reserves the right to refuse or rescind a position in any class without a warning, where a gymnast presents a risk to the safety of him/herself or others. Failure to follow instructions by a coach (or staff member) or act in a reasonable and sensible manner will constitute such a risk. Physical or verbal abuse of a gymnast or staff member will also constitute a risk. Please refer to our Code of Conduct for our Gymnasts and review this with your child pointing out the Behaviour code required by our Club.

Assumption of Risk

With any sport or physical activity, participation in gymnastics carries a risk of injury. As many gymnastics activities require inversion (turning upside down) of the body, the sport by its nature carries a risk of head or spinal injury. This risk is greatly controlled in a supervised class with qualified and experienced instructors. Parents should explain this risk to their children prior to accepting membership.

Fire Procedure

Our staff are trained to evacuate the participants from the building quickly and efficiently should the need arise.

Evacuation procedures and maps are posted throughout the building indicating exits and designated meeting point. Please familiarise yourself with these procedures.

Fire drills will be conducted each term. This will be announced via the newsletter and Notice boards with in the club.

Spotting of Gymnasts

Spotting is the physical assistance or correction of a skill through the use of the coach’s hands or specialised spotting equipment. It is a very important part of gymnastics and it is important that parents are aware that coaches will be physically assisting your children in the performance or correction of skills from time to time especially in the early learning phases of a skill. Spotting is used during flexibility training to ensure correct body alignment, posture and to assist gymnasts in improving their range of motion.


It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure no jewellery (except small studs) are worn during training hours. There are dangers associated with jewellery catching on coaches, gymnasts and equipment that may cause injury.

Clothing – Training

Only tight fitted clothing and that which is appropriate for the actions being performed should be worn during training. Please no bulky buttons, zips or other hard potentially dangerous materials to be worn as these items may damage our equipment and may also cause injury to the participant.

Spectator’s Seating Area 

For safety and insurance reasons, no spectating adult or spectating child is allowed on any part of the floor or equipment during classes.If you need to give your gymnast a message, please ask reception. Your cooperation to help us look after the safety of all our members is greatly appreciated. In the event of an accident where a collision may occur between spectator and gymnast, the spectator is NOTcovered by insurance, so please observe the rules. 

Spectator Etiquette

Parents should refrain from making comments related to the skill level, performance or ability of gymnasts or coaching staff while in the seating area. All spectators should respect the training session and refrain from calling out comments or instructions to their participating gymnast. Please address any grievance to the Club Manager.


Lost Property is placed in the lost property bin. Please ask reception to have a look for missing items. At the end of each term if lost property is not collected, it will be donated to a local charity. We strongly suggest you label all clothing and equipment with your child’s name. The Club accepts no responsibility for any item left behind in the gym. We strongly advise that you do not leave valuable items unattended in the spectator area or other areas. We recommend that gymnasts leave valuable items at home.


Our Club has many benefits of offering potential sponsors or advertisers. If you would like to advertise your business in our newsletter or if you know of a business owner or company who may be interested in sponsoring the Club, please contact reception.


Any social media that mentions the Club’s name, its programs, gymnasts or management may only be made with Club Management approval.


In accordance with the Privacy Agreement (Private Sector) Act (2000), the information we collect about you will be used primarily for matters specifically related to participating in Gymnastics. Our external service provider who manages some of our services we provide to you include Gymnastics NSW, Gymnastics Australia, as well as our professional advisors, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers, government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by law. We limit the use and disclosure of any personal information provided by us to such organisations for the specific purpose for which we supplied it.

Download the 12 x 12 Gymnastics HANDBOOK here.